Our Trainers

Bobbie Perkins

My name is Bobbie, and I am trainer responsible for the beginner class at Stoke Bishop. I joined the club in 1982 with my Golden Retriever, Glen.

I soon got the bug for obedience, and had a happy and fairly successful time competing in obedience shows through the 80’s. My association with our club grew stronger, and I suddenly found myself offering to ‘take’ the puppy class when some of our trainers moved on.

My main emphasis is to encourage the handlers to bond with their dogs through training, and for them,and especially their dogs, to have fun!

Ros Weddell

Ros takes the Follow-on Beginners Class.

Katie Moffat

Katie takes the Intermediate Class.

“I started at Stoke Bishop at a young age with my 5 year old dog called Dief. He is a very quiet and shy dog, who does as he’s told . I learnt a lot from him, like how to handle a dog and how to get the best out of him. I went on to compete in the league team, but I still felt that I had more to learn. This came in the way of me going to college to further my education, by doing an animal management course. I also gained another dog who is completely different to the first. He was more confident and more willing to test the boundaries. With him I tried different training methods to try and get better results . I gained most of my experience at flyball, I’ve been doing flyball for 11 years and in my time I have seen and helped train all sorts of dogs at all different stages of their lives. I started taking group 3 about 3 years ago. I really enjoy helping people work with their dogs to get the best out of them in a fun and positive way.”

Fiona Perry

Fiona takes the Advanced Class.